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What happens when the going gets tough? When the pressure is on and there is no clear answer or choice? These past several months, we have all navigated a completely new world...

What is creativity? Spend some time watching a child play and you will have your answer: It is the essence of who we are. Creativity flows through our bodies, feelings, senses and experience, and connects us with the larger field of information available to all of us.

Collective healing groups are springing up everywhere these days as we face rising trauma and fear in the wake of COVID 19. 2020 seems to be ushering in our embodied awareness of our deep interconnection with each other and all of life. Global heart coherence can reall...

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

We invited lawyers at a recent CLE to answer this question, repeatedly, until they connected with their creative sides. They were surprised at what opened up. One lawyer said, “Suddenly it dawned on me that if I stay tru...

IONS ~ LA presents JANE FAULKNER Facilitating us in an afternoon with Lynne McTaggart’s latest book “The Power of Eight” to HEAL AMERICA, HEAL YOURSELF. Join us in the world’s largest experiment for peace and transform yourself in the process.

In May of this year, I made a heart move. A big one. After 36 years, I moved from the northwest to Los Angeles. The one city I said I would never move to was LA.

As I sprinted down the beach, I felt like I was flying. I was on my morning run in the Coromandel region of New Zealand, listening to music by Thomas Bergersen.

My feet barely touched the ground. I was in some other time and space that seemed boundless. Colors around me...

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In these blog posts, I will explore the edges that wake us up so that we can fully engage with life. I will ask questions more than I will answer them. As co-creators of reality, we each have our own experiences and perspectives. What we share is the excitement and mystery of the journey. The challenges, the victories, the new frontiers -- these open us to our inner worlds, our creativity and our purpose. I invite you to join me in the conversation.

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