When it comes to your groups and teams, synchronicity knows no silos.

Teamwork powers dreams, but it doesn’t come without awareness and intention. Teams that reach synergy and flow are passionate and emotionally intelligent, encouraging each and every member to lead authentically.

I guide your team and, if desired, each individual, to achieve strategic visioning and coordinated action for smooth processes and creative collaborations. Help your team unleash its creativity and peak performance power.

Here's how we can collaborate:

Coaching Programs

Co-designed with your team/group
to provide 3-12 month coaching. Team/group coaching can be accompanied by individual coaching to deepen and accelerate the process.

Regularly-scheduled sessions occur in person or via Zoom.


Co-designed with your team to develop an experiential and fun workshop.
One-day minimum.


Themed workshops might include topics relating to leadership, vision, relationship and team flow, emotional intelligence, creativity/innovation, vision, and reaching goals with ease.  

Pre-event surveys are included, and assessments are available.
(Strengths Finder or

Interested in hosting
a full-immersion,

multi-day retreat?

I also offer continuing
legal education seminars,
co-designed with law firms and in-house legal departments.

– Client Testimonial –

Thank you for using your facilitation skills to identify, engage and develop strengths of The YWCA GirlsFirst Program Mentors. We were fortunate to have a facilitator who is detail oriented, creative and people oriented, guide our conversations on relationship building. You were able to build trust and awareness within our group
of mentors and staff, as well as establish a camaraderie that will last throughout the coming year! Thanks, again!  

Sumayya Diop

Director YWCA

from Workshops