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Myburgh Truter
Regional Manager
USA West

Having labelled yourself a responsible perfectionist is exhausting to say the least. Responsibility has been identified as my biggest strength and contributed to a large extent to my career and personal growth. At the same time, wanting every action and spoken word to be perfect, meaningful and having the desired impact, often leads to procrastination, missed deadlines and self-inflicted stress. Working with Jane liberated me from 
overusing my strengths that had held me and my team 
back from achieving our 
full potential.
 As I learned to view challenges through new perspectives and lenses, I was empowered to make more effective decisions.

Phillip Hunter
UX Manager
Alexa Skills Technology

Personal growth comes in many ways during our lives.Working with Jane Faulkner has given me the awareness to take inspired action for myself. I have learned to turn challenges into opportunities, to “re-see” my life and work through empowering perspectives, and to embrace the present moment. 

It is the Now that matters! 
No longer do I associate growth with simple comfort or pain. I see myself as the author of my life story, and I can embrace everything that brought me
to this
moment, then be inspired

to create the next chapters of joy. 

Dana LorenzeTruter
SVP Global Customs
Expeditors International
of Washington, Inc.

Sumayya Diop

Director YWCA

from Workshops

I think most of us are in a transition in some way. You have big disruptive transformations like changing jobs or moving to a different state and some are more subtle and reflective, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward. Jane helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about my goals, adjusting my focus from my brain to my core, what I stood for and what was important.  She challenged me to develop new ways of balancing and realizing that

I could lead from within.

Thank you for using your facilitation skills to identify, engage and develop strengths of The YWCA GirlsFirst Program Mentors.We were fortunate to have a facilitator who is detail oriented, creative and people oriented, guide our conversations on relationship building. You were able

to build trust and awareness within our group of mentors and staff, as well as establish a camaraderie that will last throughout the coming year! 

Thanks, again!  


Gail Bennett
Experienced Legal Counsel
in the Software Industry
Before I began using Jane’s coaching 
services I was hopeful, but not completely certain, that personal coaching would 
be helpful for me. From my first meeting with Jane, 
she far exceeded my 
expectationsWhile I have not worked with other personal coaches, I believe 
Jane is unique and special. She had a 
keen ability to quickly understand my background and personality. She was able to utilize this knowledge to help me clarify and formulate my goals and devise techniques and strategies for achieving those goals.
Stephanie Czerwonka
Director Human Resources
LifeNet Health


My work with Jane Faulkner was to 

develop my executive presence to 

become more effective leader, 

to strengthen my consulting skills and 

to help me gain clarity about my future career goals and pathway.  I chose Jane 

because of her experience as a business executive, her unique approach and her warm and engaging coaching style. 

The result of my six months engagement

with her was a shift in my approach to consulting with executive leadership  



You were terrific as an instructor.

I gained insight during the activities and will use the tools in my life and work.  It was a great day!

Tom Leung

Product Manager at YouTube

& CEO of Anthology

I worked with Jane both as a SVP at a public company leading a turnaround 
as well as a bootstrap entrepreneur swinging for the fences. I have always found Jane's coaching to be extremely thought provoking, clarifying, and supportive.
If you need a safe space and a tuned in listener who can help you get to the core drivers and values that you need to make giant, complex, decisions as well as become more effective as a leader within your org,

I highly recommend Jane. 

Joaquin Mathias
Chief Strategy Officer
City Strategy Group, LLC

Jane is a highly skilled executive coach who has helped me integrate the many sides of me – as a professional, as an attorney, as a person, and as a creative.

She understands that professional success requires resolution and understanding

of one's experiences. She then taps into one's values and deeply seated desires to help one imagine a powerful future. In today's uncertain world, self-appreciation

and self-possession are vital.

Marjorie Florestal
Storyteller for Universities
& Mission-Driven

Jane is simply the best at what she does. I had reached a place of deep "stuckness" where I simply did not know what direction I wanted to move into. Jane doesn't just give you a series of personality tests or whatever the current rage is at the moment. She works with you to go deep within yourself to answer the question –– 

"What's next for me?"

She doesn't dictate or command, but she is the first coach I've used who has helped me achieve 100% of the goals we set out together. 

Lynda Giddens
at ACSL Retail Systems

It is with pleasure that I recommend Jane Faulkner as a personal coach. She has an uncanny ability to figure out what you really need and to gently push you in that direction – in spite of yourself. I went to her with certain objectives in mind and my own ideas about where I needed help to meet those objectives. She figured out pretty quickly what things were really in the way of me meeting those objectives and gently

and creatively steered me towards addressing those things first.

Robin Maynard Dobbs

Aware Eating

My work with Jane has been life changing. I came to see Jane to help me promote and expand my business. As a healer, it’s clear that Jane has done so much of her own work, as she leads with integrity and authenticity. I could not see beyond my own limitations and so Jane’s presence as a non- judgmental, discerning witness was so essential. 

Bridget Bourgette

Shaw Law Group PLLC




Jane is invaluable in her work as a 

leadership coach! In the 6 months I 

have worked with her I am seeing 

dramatic and positive results in my
business and life in general. 

She has provided me with countless tools for success and happiness and has helped me focus on my true passions so that I can fully achieve my goals. I wouldrecommend her to anyone who would like to improve on the satisfaction and success of their career and life. 


This was the most important CLE

I will probably ever take. The day was inspiring and Jane was fantastic as a presenter.  I would recommend this workshop to others without reservation.

Maria Kaufman

Chief Revenue Officer

PicMonkey Inc

Jane brings her deep insights and expertise to challenge you to go beyond your perceived limits and beliefs and bring out your best leadership talents. She is grounded and authentic, and seems to always ask the right questions.

Highly recommend.

Marjorie Carter

Holistic Family Law
& Mediator



Ruth Herold
Executive Director
Elizabeth Gregory Home

I first met Jane in a workshop that she led at a conference for holistic lawyers in Chicago and we made an immediate connection. We worked together, long distance, over the next 6 months. Jane's patient, supportive and encouraging coaching gave me the courage I needed to open a new "holistic" law practice, which turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

This was a great seminar.  I enjoyed the entire day.  All of the content was valuable and I enjoyed getting to know the other participants through the exercises.

Jane guided me on a transformative journey of embracing the leader 

I was and discovering the leader I 

aspire to be. She works her 

magic through encouragement, affirmation and gently challenging mental models that might hinder growth and self-awareness.

Tom Leung

Product Manager at YouTube

& CEO of Anthology

I had the opportunity to recently spend an afternoon with Jane exploring an ‘inside team’ framework and I must say it was one of the most thought provoking and clarifying thought exercises in which I’ve participated. I’d 
recommend it to any exec looking to re-center and gear up!

on Inside Team Process