Dare to be your best self.

Brute will is no longer a satisfying way to achieve goals and experience growth.
Resilient leadership seeks perspectives, practices, and tools that support elegant, transformative change.


Through our work together, leaders reclaim the core of their creativity and personal power,
tapping into the wisdom and experience needed to influence and serve.


They become conscious, compassionate leaders who are agile, responsive, creative,
and most importantly: present in everything they do.

Let's  work together to bring presence
into your practice.

  Speaking &               Training*

*If you are interested in a speaker or training event, 
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Groups & Teams

Programs and workshops guiding groups and teams through the inner work of releasing limiting beliefs, habits, and perspectives to outer creative, synergistic collaborations.


Co-created experiences designed to develop conscious cultures that encourage individuals to develop their leadership, through mindfulness that manifests in action.


Direct, customized
support and programs  personalized to meet you where you are now and partner with you on the path to resilient leadership.

Connect with your inner self  •  Release what no longer serves you
Unlock your ability to think creatively and shine as a leader

Tom Leung

Project Manager
at Youtube

& CEO of Anthology

I worked with Jane both as a SVP at a public company leading a turnaroundas well as a bootstrap entrepreneur swinging for the fences. I have always found Jane's coaching to be extremely thought provoking, clarifying, and supportive. If you need a safe space and a tuned in listener who can help you get to the core drivers and values that you need to make giant, complex, decisions as well as become more effective as a leader within your org, I highly recommend Jane. 

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 My coaching


We have the answers and wisdom
we need
inside ourselves.
Our careers and lives bring us challenges that reflect back to us
where we are stuck or
limited in our perspectives

We can choose to stay stuck or
to grow and evolve.

As we open to all aspects of ourselves, including mind, body, heart, 
and imagination,
we find
our; authentic essence our zone of optimal experience.
From this state of flow, we can lead consciously, 
with compassion and courage.
We celebrate ourselves and others.
We create. We say

Navigating inner change for external results
becomes more achievable when you have support

Show up for others by
 showing up for yourself.

Some clients I've worked with...