Our success in the world flows from our inner landscape.

The same person who nurtures and leads others requires nurturing and leadership in oneself. Through one-to-one guidance and co-designed programs, I help individual leaders like you find and cultivate the inner confidence to embrace opportunity in every challenge.

Our work together frees up energy and passion, connecting you to a state of flow. Your vision will emerge, your purpose will unleash, and you will inspire innovative, responsive and resilient teams and employees.

Here's how we can collaborate:


Move from resistance to resilience and expanded perspectives by connecting

with your center and navigating from inner guidance and conscious choice.

Together, we’ll discern your life purpose and step into your values and vision so you

can accomplish your goals with more ease. Manage your energy, deepen your relationships, accelerate your creativity, and enhance your overall health and wellness.

What Coaching includes:

 • Regularly scheduled meetings (in-person, by phone or skype/zoom)

 • Co-designed alliance with client

 • Unlimited email support
 • Assessments are available upon request
   (Including Strengths Finder,
TILT365, Human Design & GeneKeys)

Commitment: 6 to 12-months

In addition to customized coaching, I offer personal retreats designed to help

you relax, renew, and revitalize. You will emerge with clarity about your vision

and direction and practices to sustain a more balanced and conscious lifestyle. 
I also provide
mentor coaching to coaches who are in the certification process, especially at Coaches Training Institute.

Trusted Guide

& Advisor

Take your life and career to the next level, fine tune your relationships, and optimize your management and influence skills with a trusted guide in your corner.

Together, we’ll develop your personal and professional prowess as a leader

so you’re better equipped to broaden your influence, brainstorm for strategic solutions and turn challenges into opportunities.

What Trusted Guide includes:

• Ongoing support through including regular meetings, calls and email

• Monthly retainer fee
• Assessments are available upon request


Commitment: 6 to 12-months


What Catalyst includes:

 Support for projects and issues that need laser focus

 Pricing based on scope of work 

Commitment: 6 to 12-months

– Client Testimonial –

Jane is simply the best at what she does. I had reached
a place of deep "stuckness"
where I simply did not know what direction I wanted to move into. Jane doesn't just give you a series of personality tests or whatever the current rage is at the moment.
She works with you to go deep within yourself to answer the question –– What's next for me?" She doesn't dictate or command, but she is the first coach I've used who has helped me achieve 100% of the goals we set out together.

Marjorie Florestal
Storyteller for Universities
& Mission-Driven