Let’s work together to cultivate a conscious culture that shines.

Conscious organizations care about their people. They care about their customers. And they care about their impact in the world. This consciousness is the foundation of ongoing success no matter the industry or climate. 

From executive, leadership, and team coaching, to creating overall leadership training programs and workshops, I help organizations develop conscious cultures. These cultures encourage each and every individual to develop their own leadership, starting with inner awareness that merges into fluid action.

Here's how we can collaborate:



Co-designed with Organization to provide six to 12 month,

or ongoing coaching programs to individuals and/or teams.

Assessment tools include Strengths Finder and TILT365 and Human Design.



Co-designed with Organization to provide a combination of leadership

development, and coaching to support the development goals.

Assessment tools include Strengths Finder and TILT365 and Human Design.



This is available in areas such as strategic visioning, emotional intelligence,

mindfulness training, stress reduction and culture development. 

– Client Testimonial –

My work with Jane Faulkner was to develop my executive presence to become a more effective leader, to strengthen my consulting skills and to help me gain clarity about my future career goals and pathway.  I chose Jane because of her experience as a business executive, her unique approach and her warm and 
engaging coaching style. The result of my six months engagement
with her was a shift in my approach to consulting with executive leadership  

Stephanie Czerwonka
Director Human Resources
LifeNet Health