Trust Your Gut and Take the Leap--My Big Move

In May of this year, I made a heart move. A big one. After 36 years, I moved from the northwest to Los Angeles. The one city I said I would never move to was LA.

The inner guidance to move came from a deeper place than my mind. You might call it the heart, the soul, intuition, gut--there are many names for the parts of us that communicate in ways other than the voices in our heads. For me, a knowing rose up from my belly, landed in my heart and spoke through my voice before I could even think about what I was going to say. The words, “I am moving to LA,” were as surprising to me as they were to my startled friends and family.

This moment happened after years of practicing the surrendering of my mind and being more present in my body and breath so that my heart could guide and inspire me. The prompting from my Center came from a deep desire to trust beyond what was straight in front of me. I had faith that the unknown held new potentials beyond my current story board. I was ready to unfold that field of possibility.

It all happened quickly. I got the prompting in early March and I moved to the Pacific Palisades at the beginning of May. This letting go and stepping into new unfamiliar territory has gifted me in so many ways. It took courage and determination to leave my comfort zone. Friends and family showed up to support me and celebrate me, reminding me how grateful I was to have so many loving people in my life, both personally and professionally. Moving into a smaller place required me to sort the excess baggage from my life, choosing to bring what I loved and valued most and letting go of those things that I no longer needed.

Once here, each day presents me with new opportunities to master what I have guided and encouraged others to embody for so long. Co-create each moment from joy with the Universe, letting go of the past and trusting the future. Say yes to new opportunities and then notice what resonates. Navigate from the wisdom of the heart, having compassion for the ways that our minds try to keep us safe. The California sun and warmth seem to nourish these seeds within me into towering sunflowers.

This amazing grace and these truths of life have been my lessons so that I could embody them and share them with others in my work along the way. Delving down beyond resistance to find the old beliefs and fears that are the silent robbers of our abundant joy and pure potentiality has become my passion because it had granted me freedom, over and over.

The heart plays our unique tune that aligns us to our highest gifts and passions. This is the song that I followed all the way to Pacific Palisades into the unknown. Here the world holds a new pearl in the palm of my hands while I anchor life through every step I take. I witness my mind and the mind-games that we create and live out. Choosing to create and live my life from the expanded field of the heart and spirit leads me to my sovereignty.

Thank you for sharing this moment in my journey.


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