When you live from the pearl within, the world

                becomes your oyster.

We need your co-creative genius now.

The time to live consciously from your spiritual center is now. I have explored many aspects of spirituality from various religions to shamanism and ancient mystery school teachings. With a personalized developmental approach, I help you discover your unique holistic path and integrate mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Your passion, purpose and power unleash. You become the creator of your life and dreams. Service to the whole is the foundation. Joy, peace and sovereignty are the walls. Commitment to your holistic truth is the doorway.

Here's how we can collaborate:

Trusted Guide

& Coach

Embody your holistic nature and integrate at every level of your being as you consciously evolve on your path. Follow your soul’s calling. Co-create in service to the highest good. 

I will support you to release old-paradigm habits and stories as you master your energy and live from higher dimensional perspectives. Learn the art of discernment, raise your vibrational frequency,  and create from inspired action.

What Coaching includes:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings (in-person, by phone or Skype/Zoom)

  • Co-designed alliance with client

  • Unlimited email support

  • Deepen your self-awareness through Human Design & Gene Keys

Commitment: 6-12 months

In addition to customized coaching, I offer co-designed personal retreats to help you expand your holistic process and practices.

You will emerge feeling balanced, with deeper inner peace and joy, as well as clarity about your vision and next steps.


One to five days.

Coaching Programs &Workshops

Individual and Group One-Year Program:


We embark on a 7-phase experiential program that includes your Human Design and Gene Keys profiles. You will emerge with the self-awareness, courage and mastery to fully engage your gifts in the world. 
What Program Includes:

  • Receive a personal profile to help you understand your design, shadow aspects, strengths and divine gifts

  • Meet twice monthly and check-in weekly

  • For groups, work with a partner and meet twice monthly in circles

  • Enrich process with experiences and cutting edge resources

  • Integrate mind, body, emotions & spirit

  • Clarify purpose 

  • Master energy and embody presence

  • Create conscious & joyful relationships

  • Develop sovereignty

  • Work with Universal Laws, including manifestation 

Group Programs and Workshops: 

  • Love Your Shadow Free: How to Unleash Core Gifts

  • High Vibe World: Raise Your Vibration with Light,  Sound and the Elemental World

  • Five Steps to Living in the Flow

  • The Heart of Creativity: This is Your Play

  • Embodying  the Soul: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

Sacred Space

& Ceremony

Sacred Space:


I help you clear energy, design your interior, and create sacred spaces and/or altars to reflect your essence. Our process is guided by the beauty way, energetic principles, and sacred traditions to enhance your holistic journey.


Ceremonies and Ritual:

I am available to help you design your perfect ceremony, ritual or life passage. We can take a shamanic journey, use guided visualization, or engage a creative process to design a meaningful and memorable process.


I am licensed as a Civil Celebrant, available to officiate at marriage, baby-naming, coming of age and life celebration ceremonies.


Pricing based on scope of work.

Commitment: Project based

Are you ready to dive in?