Faulkner Coaching & Consulting

Making a difference outside

starts by doing important work inside.

Lead and contribute from within.

Honor your wholeness.

Thrive at every level.

Whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, a seeker,

or a organization, it is time for a new way.

And it begins with you.

​Faulkner Coaching & Consulting

Change happens. Challenges occur.

Opportunities arise.

Are you ready to meet them with your whole self?  Are you prepared to inspire others in doing the same?

Welcome! I'm Jane.

Jane Faulkner

I mentor, coach and catalyze individuals and organizations
on their journey to developing conscious
and compassionate ways of being and doing.

In cultivating personal awareness, wellbeing and
authentic purpose, the people and organizations I work with thrive while making a difference in the world.
Our journey happens from the inside, out.

I lead you to find your inner brilliance,

so you can shine from the inside, out.

Leadership coaching from an ICF-certified coach

I've helped people like you bridge awareness and practical, everyday application for 12 years.

Limited perceptions, old habits and patterns, negative emotions and reactivity...
These are the
challenges that become opportunities as I work with individuals and organizations. 

Together, we’ve found and cultivated their inner self to foster

personal awareness, authentic purpose and inspired action. 

I'm ready to help you do the same.

– Client Testimonials –

Myburgh Truter
Regional Manager USA West

Having labelled yourself a responsible perfectionist is exhausting to say the least. Responsibility has been identified as my biggest strength and contributed to a large extent to my career and personal growth. At the same time, wanting every action and spoken word to be perfect, meaningful and having the desired impact, often leads to procrastination, missed deadlines and self-inflicted stress. Working with
Jane liberated me from overusing my strengths that had held me and my team back from achieving our full potential. 

Our work leads to transformative and sustainable results.
All you have to do is
say yes.