The journey to joy starts here.

Hi! I'm Jane.

I am passionate about helping people live, create, and contribute from the inside out.

It’s what led me to make a midlife career change after practicing law for 12 years and raising two children. It’s what helped me develop a proven process for helping clients fully engage their inner Self for outer success. And most importantly, it’s what has connected me to so many individuals and organizations who want to affect positive and creative change.

My coaching approach is holistic. It’s a journey that begins inside, from a level of deeply felt presence, where values, purpose, inner joy, conscious awareness, and a co-creative spirit guide our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The result? Clients capable of stepping into their own zone of excellence.

I have 23 years of combined experience as a lawyer and a coach/facilitator. My BA in history and Juris Doctor in law preceded certifications as a Professional Certified Coach, a Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP), a master coach for TILT365, and an Inside Team facilitator (CRR Global). I am also trained in somatic leadership, organizational change, shamanism, Reiki and various energy modalities. Today, my greatest joy still comes from seeing clients tap into and spread their joy. 

When I am not coaching, I am inviting flow into my life, a state I discovered in my thirties as a triathlete. I find flow through hiking, skiing, kayaking and other outdoor activities; meditating; seeking culture through movies, plays, music, art and dance; travel; and spending time with my family and friends.

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– Client Testimonial –

Before I began using Jane’s coaching services I was hopeful,
but not completely certain, that personal coaching would be
helpful for me. From my first meeting with Jane, she far exceeded my expectations. While I have not worked with 
other personal coaches, I believe Jane is unique and special. 
She had a keen ability to quickly understand my background and personality.  She was able to utilize this knowledge
to help me clarify and formulate my goals and devise techniques and strategies for achieving those goals.               
Gail Bennett
Experienced Legal Counsel
in the Software Industry

No two people are the same.

Fortunately,  no two coaches are, either.

Here's what you can expect when we work together.

I work at multiple levels.

Our work is not limited in scope; it's experiential in nature. We collaborate

in ways that best suit your learning style and spark your creativity. Throughout our journey, we'll work on multiple levels - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic - to help you move from confusion to clarity.

I create a safe space for change.

I create a safe space for you

to explore new perspectives,

play with possibilities and lead

from your truest self.

I reflect your brilliance back to you, challenge you to edge walk,

and celebrate your successes.

I create bridges.

While much of our work is intangible,
I’ll leave no stone unturned in
translating your inner growth to outer application, taking it from the intrinsic
level to the practical, everyday level that

will shine through in your decisions, actions, and energy. 

Changes, challenges and opportunities will present themselves.

I can't wait to meet you.

How will you make the choice to shine?